Using a Camping Pad as Hammock Insulation

With the increase in camping adventures it has become important to understand the safety issues that come with it. People like to be comfortable and enjoy their experience without any disturbance.

Camping pads can be your solution to safety and comfort one you’re out on a camping adventure. For every outdoor trip people are now using these loosely suspended cots to have perfect relaxation high above the ground.

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Unlike tent camping, it is just enough to bring certain specified accessories only to spend the day hanging in any secluded outdoor destination. People can use these hanging beds in any season like spring, summer and winter and they just need to select a spot with trees for attaching the straps to sleep over them.

But the question always rises on their insulation system for keeping the body of the occupants warm during chilly winter season. It is because staying warm inside these hanging couches become some sort of challenges for the occupants that are seldom experienced by the ground sleepers.

However, once you are able to comprehend certain primary principles then you can easily overcome such challenges and then it will be easier for you to sleep at ease.

Importance of using camping pad for hammock insulation

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Three most important issues that must be addressed in response to hammock insulation are loft, site selection and wind resistance. The third point is quite self explanatory because you need to make sure that your hammock can offer tough resistance to the high speed blowing wind for preventing loss of body heat via convection.

So it is rather essential for you to ensure that your hanging bed is equipped with sufficient wind block mechanism for guaranteeing proper insulation. The function of loft is not so intuitive. It mainly helps you to wrap yourself up for creating tiny warmth climate surrounding your body.

The extent of heat generated in this process is basically known as microclime and the function is itself due to the thickness of your sleeping bag. During night hours when you sleep over the mattress the evolving body heat is immediately trapped by this sleeping bag via its tiny pockets to prevent insulation escape.

Without these tiny pockets it would have been quite impossible to avoid loss of heat and so you must try to bring a bit thicker sleeping bag on your next camping expedition. Thinner bag can provide less protection due to less number of pockets so it is better to avoid it.

Then selection of spot is another aspect of insulating your hammock. It is better to opt for such spots with lower altitude for that would prevent you from the bite of chilly cold wind at the night period.

High altitude places though keep you safe from the penetration of bugs and dusts but will ultimately steal your body heat to make you shiver during mid night. Always fix your hammock at an optimal height level for avoiding both bugs and mites along with speedy blowing frost air.

It is better to hold consultation with the experienced backpacker or hiker so that you never miss the essential insulation framework for keeping yourself warm inside the hammock.

Sleeping inside the hammock with camping pad

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It is an easy and cheap insulation method to keep you warm and cozy inside any camping hammock. You can buy any type of pad like that of CCF pad from any local store for inserting it inside your hammock.

You need to ensure that it is sufficiently wide. Unlike ground sleeping, this pad in the hammock will easily wrap you up to prevent heat loss from any physical portion. This pad offers wind block as it prevents penetration of cold air along with providing loft of about sufficient thickness which does not compress so easily once you put your body inside.

Another advantage of this camping pad is that you can use it when you want to sleep inside the tent. If you are feeling cold then you can abandon your hammock to sleep on the ground with the help of such pad.

However, it is better not to use it directly for sleeping purpose. It is because sometimes it can cause pressure depending on the concentration of sag and thickness extent. Using certain tricks once you are able to enhance the coverage area of this pad then it will give you surplus pleasure.

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