Seeking Ways to Expand Education Options with Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is a Michigan based activist, reformer and politician who was recently appointed by President Trump to serve as America’s Education Secretary. Betsy was involved in campus politics at Calvin College, and since then she has remained politically active. She has led numerous campaigns, PACs and party organizations, including the time she served as chairperson of Republican Party in Michigan. Mrs. DeVos has pursued reforms through numerous nonprofit ways like funding programs that impact positively the lives of other individuals. Some years back, Betsy explained what she had achieved as the leader of educational reform movement during an interview with PhilanthropyRoundtable. In 2013, there were approximately 250,000 students benefiting from the school-choice programs in 17 states. Today, already half the number of states in the United States has embraced these programs. Check her website for more info at

According to Mrs. Betsy DeVos, the program has continued to grow and expand, in order to reach many students. She believes a lot of people are noticing this movement because they believe majority of public schools have not been succeeding. Through radical reforms like vouchers and other incentives, the state governments have supported this movement across the country. Betsy has continued to advocate for the remaining states to pass legislation to support establishment of charter schools as well as private-choice options. Betsy Devos began these reforms several years ago when she sent her kids to school, where she met parents who experienced hardships in paying school fees for their kids. These parents could do anything to ensure they have sent their kids where the atmosphere was safe for learning.

This is what led Betsy and Dick to start sponsoring specific students at Potter’s House and that commitment continued to expand over the years. In 1990, Dick was elected to serve on Michigan’s State Board of Education, and in the same year, Betsy started a foundation that offered scholarships to disadvantaged kids. However, they realized the problem would not be addressed completely because of the large number of parents seeking scholarships for their kids. Betsy was involved in organizations that advocated for radical reforms like tax credit and other incentives in order to expand the school-choice program. Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.

Betsy DeVos’ Career and Personal History

Early this year, Mrs. Betsy DeVos was named by Donald Trump to be part of his Cabinet. She helped many children in Grand Rapids through mentorship programs. In addition, she closely worked with parents and tutors to ensure that at risk-kids have accessed quality education. Mrs. DeVos earned her BA degree from Calvin College. She had served on boards of several organizations, both civic and charitable. Through her current position, Betsy will be able to mobilize other leaders and stakeholders in the education sector to continue with her agenda of transforming the sector so that it can accommodate all American kids.

InnovaCare Health’s Leadership Team Delivers Forward Momentum Steered by Dr. Richard Shinto

InnovaCare Health has strong leadership, which has reinforced the company’s approach to achieving the mission of redefining the management of health care, while meeting the expectations of its members.

The leadership within the company begins with the President and CEO Dr. Richard Shinto. After his tenure with Aveta Inc. as Chief Executive Officer from 2008 until 2012, Dr. Shinto was appointed to lead InnovaCare Health due to his extensive background within health care. Dr. Shinto has two decades of experience. He was previously a practicing physician as an internist; as well as having a specialty in pulmonary health, prior to becoming involved within health care insurance. Dr. Shinto received his medical degree upon graduation from the State University of New York, and he has an MBA from the University of Redlands. Contact details available at

InnovaCare Health’s leadership team includes Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides. She has an expertise within government programs and previously held high-ranking leadership as the Corporate Vice President of Chronic Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice, which at the time she was responsible for creating business models, for the company’s managed care and fee-for-service programs. This type of experience made Ms. Kokkinides ideally positioned to tailor the solutions and innovative services for InnovaCare Health. Ms. Kokkinides recently traveled to the White House to speak on an eight member panel with President Trump regarding the upcoming changes to government programs that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid oversees.

Both Dr. Shinto and Ms. Kokkinides are now joined by the newest member of the leadership team. Recently InnovaCare Health announced that Peter Rodes has now joined the company as Corporate Sales and Marketing Officer. Mr. Rodes brings more than 25 years of experience in managed care. Mr. Rodes previously held the position as Vice President for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, and he has extensive experience with implementing strategic initiatives for new business opportunities.

The leadership team within InnovaCare Health is focused on a forward-thinking approach with providing members the same innovative and quality health care that the company has provided for more than 20 years.

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InnovaCare Health is the leading health care provider for the Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Program. The Company serves over 200,000 recipients within its government programs. With a provider network of physicians and other medical practitioners of 7,500, InnovaCare Health has remained focused on reaching all of its member’s health care needs.

Roberto Santiago Builds Manaira Shopping Mall for One Stop Shopping Needs

Behind the modern shopping mall called Manaira is a legendary entrepreneur who once served as a coffee waiter in Brazil. Roberto Santiago was born and bred in Brazil. He has a clear understanding of what the economy of Brazil holds for the future. Roberto was born in 1958, and he attended the Pio X-Marist School. He later advanced his studies at the University of Joao Pessoa by majoring in business administration. Roberto Santiago garnered sufficient experience in the business. As the owner of a high-end mall in Brazil, Roberto is considered to be an excellent role model for business. The mall was built in 1987. It took two years to have a complete shopping mall. The launching was done in 1989. This is one of the world’s ideal and most reliable malls. Read more on

Domus Hall

The Manaira Shopping Mall has various features for enjoyment. From a movie theater to a rooftop hall for concerts, gaming areas, financial institutions, college, shopping stores as well as a gym, the people of Brazil are excited to have a mall that allows them to shop for all home needs. The Domus Hall is on the rooftop of the mall. It was officially opened in 2009. This hall has sufficient space that is enough to host concerts, weddings, exhibits as well as ceremonies and fairs. The mall can hold 10,000 people. It is soundproof in addition to having air conditioning. Aside from those two outstanding elements, the Domus Hall has the excellent sound equipment. The hall has two story structures with two divisions and cabins. Domus Hall has been a central room for performance for most Brazilian artists. Not only is it a performance hall for local artists but also international artists.


The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has countless options for entertainment. The movie theater offers recent movies. The mall has an inclusive gaming area featuring a bowling area. With the food court, the people of Brazil have a variety of options for food selection. The food court was renovated on 2008, 2012 as well as 2014. It is a highly modern eating parlor with various restaurants like Espaco Gourmet, Capital Steakhouse as well as Waynes. The shopping experience at the Manaira Mall favors many people irrespective of their culture and preferences in life. From furniture stores, bookstores, jewelry as well as cosmetics and clothing stores, the Manaira Shopping Mall offers a variety. There is a college for higher education at Paraiba hence many students around the shopping mall.



Roberto is also the proprietor of Mangeira Shopping Mall. He established it in 2013. His success story lies in the two malls and through his leadership, the malls have largely contributed to the economic growth of Brazil. Due to many social interactions at the mall, corporations have found it to be a strategic area for establishing businesses.

Troy McQuagge Takes Gold During the One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards, 2016

Troy McQuagge, the current CEO of USHEALTH Group, Incorporated, was earlier in the year named as a gold winner in the 2016 edition of One Planet Awards. He emerged the gold winner in the CEO of the year award category. The One Planet Awards are coveted, as they are the premier international awards program seeking to honor professional and business excellence in all industries globally. Every organization from all parts of the world, whether private or public, non-profit or for-profit and regardless of their size, is free and eligible to be considered for these awards. These organizations are only required to submit their applications.

McQuagge Joining USHEALTH

Troy McQuagge joined the ranks of USHEALTH Group back in 2010. He immediately set on a journey of turning the company around via rebuilding the USHEALTH Advisors, its confined distribution agency. He emerged successful at this front, and it is his efforts that propelled him to being elected to the post of president as well as CEO of the USHEALTH Group Incorporated. By the year 2014, the group registered an exceptional success, profitability and growth in its highly competitive marketplace of personal health insurance.


McQuagge was both elated and humbled for the honor bestowed upon him by the One Planet Awards program. He stated that it was a huge honor for the peer and industry recognition he received and insisted that the award belonged to every person at USHEALTH Group, Incorporated. He said that the award was enough proof of the company’s unending commitment towards solving the issue of affordable healthcare for its customers. The USHEALTH Group is wholly committed towards providing its customers with innovative healthcare coverage that grows to accommodate their constantly changing healthcare needs. Read More


Troy McQuagge

McQuagge is a businessman and commercial executive who lives in Panama City, FL. He is a University of Central Florida alumnus where he was awarded with a B.A. in Legal Studies degree. He is a veteran in the insurance industry having amassed more than 30 years experience in it. His illustrious career took off in 1983 when he was employed by Allstate Insurance. He worked in the company for some years before he made the switch in 1995 to join UICI/Health Market and learn more about Troy.

Afterwards in 2010, Mr. McQuagge was on the move again, and this time, he joined the USHEALTH Advisors, which is the sales subsidiary of the USHEALTH Group. He was in charge of managing the health insurance sales’ profitability. He specifically targeted customers who had not yet attained the age of 65 years. Under his watch, USHEALTH Advisors managed to grow its writing agent stand by 480%. It also realized an increase in its fresh business sales capacity by 560% and Troy on Facebook.

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Gaining Ground on Amazon

In order to gain ground on Amazon, a company really has to be doing well. Amazon has been pulling in 20 percent of the apparel sales online for years, and that is huge considering this is one of the most popular markets online. That being said, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has crashed the retail clothing party and has pulled in over $250 million in sales of high-quality women’s apparel and appears to be gaining ground on the giants in this niche.


Hudson talks about her athleisure brand as more than just high-quality workout apparel for women, it is a shopping experience for customers who are tired of the current online buying process. Look at how Amazon works, you buy an item of clothing and hope that it fits, otherwise you send it back over and over until it fits properly. Now look at the way women buy at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. These women head to the online store and try on as many pieces of workout apparel they desire, they take a Lifestyle Quiz to enhance their membership, and they can window-shop with no pressure from Fabletics sales associates.


The secret to how Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is changing the overall shopping experience is a combination of a sales process known as reverse showrooming and her rewarding membership program. Women who are members and visited the store find those same items they tried on in the store waiting online for their consideration. Since the items in their cart are items they already wore, they know everything fits perfectly. This eliminates any doubts about how the items will look when they arrive, so these women fill up the shopping cart, buying several pieces more than they would have in another shopping setting.


When it comes to the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics membership program, her customers are rewarded with free shipping with online orders, discounted prices, as well as the assistance of a personal shopper. This shopping assistant chooses one item each month based on shopping preferences and the Lifestyle Quiz answers. This is just part of the reason that so many women are falling in love with this line of workout apparel and the entire shopping experience at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics as a whole. This is not your ordinary e-commerce experience, women are making it known that the pampering they receive at this company will go a long way in improving the company bottom line.

Acquiring Real Estate Success with Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

Real estate industry is booming in most economies today. With the advancement in technology and state of the art equipment, the industry could not be any better than what it is at the moment. The success of the sector has seen a lot of new entrants who have joined the trade and either made it big or failed terribly. It is this uncertainty and the vast wealth of experience that made Nick Vertucci start a real estate academy to cater for the growing needs of the industry.

Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA) was founded in 2013 to help property investors handle the many challenges of the industry. The academy is results-oriented as it operates under the same principles its founder Nick used to make his millions. From the time the institute was started, it has attracted a lot of students from different parts of the country. Some of the things that have contributed to its success include;
Solutions approach model at The real estate industry is faced with numerous challenges starting from finance sourcing to market sourcing. NVREA understands all these problems and its systems are designed to provide solutions that these challenges create thus attracting a lot of people.

Teaches its students hands-on. Most schools even technical ones are focused on imparting their students with theoretical knowledge instead of hands on. Nick Vertucci and his team, however, are of a different opinion. The team that comprises of experienced experts in the industry are keen on taking their students through every process of the journey to success. With an extensive portfolio of real estate investments, before graduating, the students are taught practically how to source, repair, and sell a completed real estate product thus making them highly competitive in the market on

About Nick Vertucci
When describing Nick Vertucci, one thing that you should never fail to capture is his life’s philosophy “your past does not determine your future.” Nick Vertucci comes from a humble background and struggled most of his childhood after the death of his father. This drawback did no deter him from succeeding in life and this can be seen from his achievements.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Nick was able to make a career out of selling computer accessories. Things, however, took a turn with the change of the millennium. With no job, Nick Vertucci was invited to attend a life-changing workshop by a friend, and this is when his life changed for the better.

Renovation Relaxation With Expert Rubbish Removers

You know what’s awful? The wreckage and debris left over after you do a renovation. There’s nothing quite like finally knocking out that new kitchen at home, or a new office expansion at your business, and then seeing the huge pile of rubbish left over afterward. In that moment there’s no reason to stress, call yourself a rubbish removal expert and start enjoying your newest addition. Here are just a few of the reasons that a rubbish removal expert can be your best friend following a renovation.

Insured Work – No Legal Hassles – Tax Relief – Clearabee can help you get rid of that rubbish that’s laying around. Rubbish clearance is a constant struggle, but no struggle is really necessary. They’ve been servicing the home and business community throughout the UK since 2012, and have an established record of excellence and efficiency. Isn’t it time you finally get that mess out of the way and relax knowing your new space is complete? Call today!
• Insured Work – One of the perils of removing rubbish is what happens if you damage that newly finished wall in the process. Let the professionals handle it and their insurance will cover it all, now that’s peace of mind.
• No Legal Hassles – There are rules and regulations surrounding the removal of rubbish from your location, and how it’s disposed of. Doesn’t it make sense to use someone who knows all of them rather than risking problems?
• Tax Relief – One little-known fact is that rubbish removal can be written off on your taxes when you’re undergoing a renovation. It’s all just considered part of the side costs and that can save you a lot come the end of the year.

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Talk Fusion Launches Sleek new Mobile App

Since 2007 Talk Fusion has been a one stop shot for video communication and customer contact solutions. The company has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade as founder and company CEO Bob Reina continues to guide the team in the right direction. Talk Fusion had an epic 2016 which saw them reach new heights with their numbers, reaching into 140 different countries around the world. Now Talk Fusion is looking at making 2017 equally successful with their new Fusion on the Go application.

Fusion on the Go is an all in one marketing solution for your mobile marketing needs. If you run a company or market a product then you know how important it is to always be available to your customers and clients. The Fusion on the Go application is a mobile version of Talk Fusion’s marketing suite. You’ll see a whole line of familiar faces in the line up of products that are available to you: Video Chat, Video Email, Live Chat and more. The application is available in both the iTunes application store as well as Google Play. Fusion on the Go has been tested and found to work in all newer iOS and Android devices.

The first thing you’ll notice when launching the Fusion on the Go application is that the UI is sleeker than it has ever been before. Fusion on the Go is on its second iteration with newer products, more enhancements, and a simplified interface that allows you to do what you need to from the palm of your hand. Many applications have even seen huge upgrades since their last iterations and what Talk Fusion knows.

One of the primary draws to the Talk Fusion mobile app will be the Video Email interface. Video Email was the idea that ended up sparking Talk Fusion’s initial success. The Video Email allows you to record live videos or embed old videos directly into emails for messaging to clients, family members, or coworkers around the internet. You will also have access to the award winning Video Chat application which allows face to face video based communication with anyone you desire, for business or personal and more information click here.

Vijay Eswaran: The MLM Megastar & More

Vijay Eswaran is the co-founder and executive chairman of the QI Group which is based in Hong Kong. He is also an author. He found this company after returning to Asia in 1998. It’s a multilevel marketing firm that has expanded globally being an e-commerce based conglomerate.

This company focuses on media, travel, luxury products, wellness, telecommunications, and corporate investments. Also, they have regional offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand.

With his authorship, he wrote four books. His first book was published in 2005 named “In the Sphere of Silence”. In this book, he explained his daily routine of first having an hour of silence and his philosophy on personal life management. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

His second book was released in May 2008 which is a collection of reflections of life called “In the Thinking Zone”. In 2010, he had a third book called “18 Stepping Stones”. In 2016, he released his fourth book called the “Two Minutes From The Abyss.”

His Early Days

Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia on October 7, 1960. In 1984, he graduated from the London School of Economics with a degree in socio-economics. Afterwards, Eswaran lived a year in Europe where he had several odd jobs.

He was later introduced to the binary system marketing when he was in the United Kingdom. This encouraged him to earn his professional certification in the UK from CIMA, and then his MBA in 1986 from the Southern Illinois University. And during this time, he became engaged in

the multilevel marketing (MLM) part-time while being employed at Synaptics in the US. He became a lot more serious with MLM when he returned to Malaysia where the Cosway Group approached him to begin its Philippines business.

Impact of George Soros in many people’s lives

George Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management. He was born in Hungary and Joined London School of Economics. Soros worked for railways department as a waiter and porter before joining merchant bank as finance. In 1969, George moved to Wall Street in New York City and started his hedge fund. The hedge fund establishment was worth $12 million that time. He later rebranded his establishment into a Quantum Fund.

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In 1992, Soros got help from Druckenmiller and made a significant profit in his business. The whole of England people knew Soros out of his effort in the banking sector. For more than ten years later, Soros remained successful through Soros Fund Management.

George is amongst most powerful politicians in this universe. He began in 1980 by supporting the political landscapes in various countries worldwide. George Soros played a great role in toppling top regimes of most government in many countries. So far, George has affected the politics and culture of United States of America. He even spent more than $10 billion in support of governments of United States of America. Know more on about George Soros.

For many years now, George has involved himself in social concerns by use of his money. He believes in investing and meeting the desires of politicians. So far, Soros has left a great impact on many people’s lives and more so politicians. Some politicians say that George is an anointed man of God and he is meant to solve many problems of individuals and countries. This fruitful and rich politician believes in giving out his money to support other people.

George Soros does not only engage himself in politics but also in Philanthropy. He launched the proverbial waters of philanthropy in 1979. He also opened many Society Foundations. Karl Popper advanced these foundations. Eight years later, George opened an office in Moscow. George donated a lot of money to groups based in the United States of America. Read more about George at The New York Times.