Australian Financial Review Recognized for Innovation

The Australian Financial Review has been recognized as one of the top 100 most innovative companies in Australia and New Zealand. This prestigious title was given to Infinity Group over thousands of other companies that were analyzed and reviewed.


Infinity Group Australia is a debt reduction company. Originally founded in 2013 by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, it is one of the fastest growing companies of its type. Infinity Group not only helps to reduce personal debt but also helps individuals to both improve their finances and secure their financial futures.


This list is quite an honor to be recognized on. It has a reach of about 1.8 million readers. Companies are rated on a variety of components: how well they address problem-solving, quality and uniqueness of their solutions, and level of impact their tactics have in the real world. The panel was looking for companies with an innovative culture, strategy, resources, and process


Overall, Infinity Group ranked number 58 on the list. Based on the number of applicants, that put the company in the top 5.8% of all of those that applied. This was a huge honor for the company.


Infinity group is based in Bella Vista, New South Wales in Sydney, this company is up and coming and something to watch out for. They look at financial burdens in a whole new way, and their results are more than speaking for themselves. In fact, one hundred percent of their clients paid more off of their home loans while working with Infinity Group in three months than they had previously paid the entire last year.


The financial support and guidance from Infinity Group, clients are eliminating thousands of dollars of debt in just one year.


So who is Infinity Group Australia?

Their mission is to help everyday citizens with debt management. They strive to create wealth and promising futures for their clients. In their mission statement, Infinity Group Austalia credits their success from the relationships they build.


The idea from the company spring when founder, Gaeme Holm, spent six months researching issues surrounding Australian mortgages. After half a year looking for answers in the industry, he was more than disappointed with the lack of support and guidance he found. Learn more :

Francisco Domenech: Law, Politics, Fundraising, and Philanthropy

Francisco Domenech, Esq. holds the distinction of being the Managing Partner of Politank. Politank is law firm dedicated to government business matters and specializing in the formation of strategies to best private interests ahead of government forums.Politank is a minority owned firm and seeks to successfully bridge the gap between government and business.

Francisco Domenech earned a bachelor’s of arts degree in Political Science from the University of Puerto Rico at the Rio Piedras campus where he additionally went on to earn his Juris Doctorate. He excelled in school, having earned the distinction of being student body President while concurrently serving as an academic Senator. Seeking to continue his knowledge of the world, Domenech took classes in comparative law at the University College of London, England during his tenure at law school. Connect with Francisco Domenech by visiting his linkedin account.

Domenech was proud to be a member of the Democratic National Committee for 5 years as a representative of the Young Democrats of America. In 2008 he sat on Hillary Clinton’s Puerto Rican campaign where he was Deputy Campaign Manager until he finally was called to become one of the national finance co-chairs of Ready for Hillary and was charged with coordinating fundraisers throughout the nation. He is a loud and proud supporter for Hillary Clinton and no currently events within the world seem to have wavered him from this decision.

There is certainly appreciation coming from Hillary Clinton for Francisco Domenech’s unwavering support. In fact, he was her top fund raising bundler in Puerto Rico raising over $200,000 toward her campaign.

While Clinton was ultimately unsuccessful in the U.S., Francisco Domenech earned the distinction of helping the first female and youngest individual ever to represent Puerto Rico, Jenniffer Gonzales-Colon. She is part of Puerto Rico’s New Progressive Party which promotes pushing for Puerto Rican statehood and the hope for a prosperous future.

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You need to know Michael Lacey, the distinguished mathematician

Technology and innovations have changed the way people do things. If there were no calculators and no scientific inventions, it would be chaotic, and some fields like mathematics would be difficult to handle. Mathematics has provided solutions to various issues affecting daily lives. Mathematicians are happy to apply it to solve the problems. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

However, to apply mathematics in our daily lives, you need a teacher will first train you. A good mathematician can guide to understand all the areas of the subjects, and you will now be ready to tackle several problems. That is why Michael Lacey is of great value in the society.

The best part of Michael Lacey is that he has the knowledge and experience needed to guide others. He has the educational background and the experience needed.

The great mathematician was born and grew up in the United States. He loved education, and that is why he worked his way to become one of the best mathematicians in the modern times.

However, his success did not happen overnight, but he had to work his way up the ladder. He started by liking the subject when he was in high school. His teachers noticed that he was an excellent student in the field of mathematics and helped him to achieve his goal. Read more: Michael Lacey | GAtech and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

Throughout his career, he has worked with teachers who were willing to help. He got the chance to be tutored by Dr. Walter Phillips who guided him when he was doing his thesis. Michael Lacey has a great interest in mathematics and has worked hard to help others who also have an interest in the field of mathematics.

He has continued to contribute to the field of mathematics, and that is why he is respected around the globe. He has served in several institutions where he has helped those who want to pursue mathematics at the university.

Michael Lacey is a mentor who has dedicated his life to helping others. He contributes to several charitable institutions because he wants to change the life of others. He is also an orator who is always invited to many forums to talk to students and lecturers.

Vijay Eswaran, The Co-Founder Of QI Group Of Companies

Vijay Eswaran, the Executive Chairman and co-founder of the QI Group of Companies was born in Penang on 7th October 1960. His biggest achievement is The QI Group, founded in 1998, it is a multi-national e-commerce based conglomerate with dynamic range of businesses diversified into telecommunications, retails, direct sales, collectibles, education, leisure, luxury, lifestyle, training and conference management, logistics and property development.

Receiving his higher education from top-notch schools in USA and UK, Eswaran has a record of holding important positions in the leading companies like IBM, in different parts of the world like Canada, Australia, US and Europe before making his way back to Asia in 90’S. It was then, he took the decision to be an entrepreneur.

In 1998, he and his team of talented individuals started a training and direct selling company, that we all know today as a multi-business company, the QI Group. The company now has a presence through large number of subsidiary companies in around 30 countries and also has regional offices in Thailand, Singapore, HongKong and Malaysia.

Not only is Vijay Eswaran, a successful business man but is also a widely respected and known motivational speaker. He can literally speak on any subject varying from business to spirituality. He has spoken in top leadership forums such as Commonwealth business and world economic forum and has also attended leading business and managements schools.

The CSR department of the QI Group known as the RYTHM Foundation is involved in charitable activities in different parts of the world. He has also established Vijayaratnam Foundation, in the loving memory of his father. This organization works with local charitable firms and NGOs on projects like women empowerment, special education and child mentoring. Forbes list of Heros of Philantrophy has named him in their annual list of 2011. He has recently also won the lifetime achievement award in philanthropy by a leadership institute in Malaysia.

The Incredible and Ongoing Success of Drew Madden

When it looked like Amazon had done just about all they could in the world of retail, it was time for them to take another aggressive step into the future. When they decided to obtain pharmacy licenses in multiple states, it showed that it was time for them to enter the world of healthcare. It also has been rumored that Amazon is looking to get into the health insurance game by buying Atena. Amazon is ready to take over the retail world after buying large retailers like Whole Foods.

Amazon jumping into the world of healthcare is just one piece of a bigger picture that shows how healthcare is advancing repadily. Over the last 100 years, the average life expectency has nearly doubled. What is this due to? Well, it could be due to the big pharamacutical companies doing massive amounts of research or the great amount of startups and entreprenures committed to solving complex healthcare related problems. Drew Madden is a great example of a healthcare entreprenuer who has been able to help move forward the industry due to his incredible commitment to issues in this field. Madden has built a complex consulting firm that has pushed the industry well into the future with electronic medical records.

From 2010 to 2016, Madden grew Nordic Consulting Partners into a firm that is an industry mainstay. Nordic quickly went from 10 employees to 725 employees due to their fast expansion. At their prime, they had 150 clients. This is an incredible feat considering they started with just 3 clients when Madden joined the team. Madden also helped Nordic reach over $100,000,000 in revenues. When it comes to change, Madden knows how to make it and make it fast.

In an industry that is everchanging, it will be exciting to see what role Madden has to play in the future of healthcare. If it weren’t for entrepreneurs like Madden, healthcare would most likely not be moving forward at such a rapid rate. Thanks to large healthcare companies and start-ups, the population of the world get to enjoy a longer and healthier life.

Sightsavers Led Program to Change the World

Sightsavers is a UK based charity, with locations in over 30 countries, that has two main goals. First, is the prevention of avoidable blindness throughout some of the world’s poorest countries. Second, is to aid in the creation of an inclusive society where people with disabilities are able to participate equally. In order to achieve these goals, Sightsavers needs both funding and resources.


An example of the work Sightsavers conducts was seen in Malawi, where a man by the name of Winesi felt dead because of his blindness. He was supposed to support his family, however, because of his blindness, he was unable to do that. He felt lost, defeated, and alone. The reason for his blindness, cataracts. A member of the Sightsavers team contacted Winesi to see if there was anything that could be done to help him. It was determined that Winesi had mature cataracts. In order to receive his eyesight back, Winesi would need an operation. Through Sightsavers, Winesi was given the opportunity to have that surgery completed, allowing him to see again.


Recently, Penny Mordaunt, the UK Secretary of State, announced that the UK Aid Connect program will be donating £ 13 million in funding. The funding will be dedicated to helping create an inclusive society in developing countries like Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, and Bangladesh.

Over 6-years, Sightsavers will lead a team of organizations to find the best use of this funding. Some of the organizations included on this mission are the International Disability Alliance, the Institute of Development Studies, ADD International, Youth Career Initiative, and Inclusion UK. The goal of this funding, Sightsavers, the UK Aid Connect program, and all of the organizations involved is to provide programs that will help 100,000 people who have disabilities gain access to health care services, assist 10,000 children with disabilities receive an education, and help roughly 45,000 more people who have disabilities find ways to increase their income.


Sightsavers is honored to be able to lead this team. This funding will allow them to look at how they are able to impact these societies on a larger scale. Additionally, it will allow for the creation of new programs and approaches that will help these marginalized areas become more inclusive. Surely changing many people’s lives for the better.

Guilherme Paulus, The Business Visionary

Guilherme Paulus is a man of great accomplishments. When you think about having fun and visit theme parks, you might actually be thinking about one of his locations.He is a major player in the theme park market and one of the biggest operators. He has become one of the Latins largest American tour operators. Guilherme Paulus also started the GJP hotels and resorts which, is a successful company that has over 1500 plus hotels and resorts in Brazil and continues to build and maintain hotels near the airport today.

Guilherme Paulus is a visionary, who looks for the opportunity within the problem. For example, when he found out years prior that the World Soccer Cup of 2014 and 2016 Summer Olympics might come to Brazil he began buying and bidding on land to develop and maintain hotels throughout major city attraction areas in Brazil. Read more articles by Paulus at

Humble Beginnings Pay Off Big

Guilherme Paulus Started off as a interview for IBM where he shop at his business skills learning everything from leadership supervision management computer technology and more before he decided to move from there and embark on his career in entrepreneurship.

Coming from the poverty area, he has always believed in growth and improving the economy. When he realize that tourism was what his City made the most revenue from, he begin on growing his career in the real estate and tourism world. Now holding a seat as a chairman of CVC a company he started, he is seen as a leader of leaders. He is also a strong motivation for those who come from poverty with hopes and dreams of making a successful career for themselves.

Guilherme Paulus is looked at by most as a voice for the country of Brazil and is an inspiration to those looking for someone to visualize as they focus on their dreams.  Learn more:

Matt Badiali Has Answers For Freedom Checks

Many people wrote off Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks as a scam as they just sounded too good to be true. In his advertisements, he seemed so excited about the concept that people assumed Matt Badiali was overreacting about the opportunities that the investment opportunity could bring to even the most inexperienced of investors.

In order to understand Freedom Checks, you must first get an idea of what they are. While Matt Badiali may call them Freedom Checks, they are actually an investment into a Master Limited Partnership. A Master Limited Partnership is a company that is usually involved with oil and natural gas that chooses to share its profits with their investors as opposed to paying an exorbitant amount in taxes. The more profitable the company is, the bigger the return on your investment can be.

A lot of people are asking why Matt Badiali is an authority figure when it comes to this type of investment, and the answer is in Matt Badiali ‘s educational background. Matt Badiali has 2 degrees in Geological Sciences, his Bachelors of Science is from Pennsylvania State University while his Masters is from Florida Atlantic University. He later went on to complete everything but the dissertation for his Ph.D. in Sedimentary Geology from the University of North Carolina.

Matt Badiali uses his experience in Geology to personally survey the sites of Master Limited Partnerships in order to determine the potential for a good return on an investment. He has held a position as a Geological analyst for Stansberry Research since 2005 and is also currently the Chief Resource Investment Expert at Banyan Hill Publishing. It is through Banyan Hill that he is able to share his extensive knowledge of the Master Limited Partnership Freedom Checks to investors around the world.

Freedom Checks are easy to invest in unlike many other financial opportunities and also can carry a lot less risk as long as the proper research is performed. Investors can put in as little as $10 and up to however much they want into a Master Limited Partnership. This small cost of entry is one of the reasons that Freedom Checks are gaining so much attention as a revenue returning investment.

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Jorge Moll Explains The Pleasure of Altruism

Jorge Moll, a neurologist, and president of the D’OR Institute for Research and Education has been studying the effects of altruism in the brain. In the study, they asked volunteers a series of questions while observing their brain activity using a functional magnetic resonance imaging. The study showed that the area of the brain that is activated by pleasurable events and activities lit up when they donated to charities. The study showed that this altruistic behavior might be pleasurable to the people doing the action.


The action lit up two portions of the brain the Subgenual Cortex and the Septal area. These two areas of the brain have associations with feelings of attachment and belonging. These areas of the brain are what is triggered when a mother and child are bonding, or when you are in a romantic relationship.


Jorge Moll is the president of the D’OR Institute for Research and Education. It is a nonprofit organization whose main goal is to promote scientific research and technological progression in healthcare . The Institue headquarters is in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro. They offer specialized courses, professional training, and academic internships. They also offer residency programs. The institute develops a variety of clinical initiatives in their areas of expertise. The areas include Intensive and Internal medicine, neurology, oncology, and pediatrics.


Jorge Moll graduated from medical school from Federal Univ. of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1994. He completed his residency in neurology at the same university in 1997. He has also obtained a Ph.D. in experimental Pathophysiology at the São Paulo University in 2004. Jorge Moll also works as the senior researcher and head of the cognitive neuroscience unit at the D’or Institute. He has received the fellow NIH Award from 2004 to 2007. He also received the visiting scholar award at the Stanford neuroscience institute in 2015.


Johanan Rand, his help, and assistance in the career of his passion

Another name often used for rehabilitation and physical medicine is physiatry. This refers to a medical field and has undergone a significant transformation over decades. As the number of individuals seeking help with regards to the practice increases, a significant population has acknowledged that they are not informed of some fundamental specialty tenets as well as the possible ways of helping them. It is important to get informed about Johana Rand who leads within the field as a way of boosting the understanding concerning this medical section.

In line with the modern exercise connected to rehabilitation as well as physical medicine, Johanan Rand is exemplary concerning the heights felts by the founders of the specialty with regards to the achievement. As a graduate of New York’s Medical Center of Albert Einstein, he presently works as the medical director and founder of the famous Medical Centers associated with Healthy Aging. In relation to his role, he is well known for the passion he has towards helping the parents attain the results they desire.

As well, the center also enhances the development of custom initiatives set to facilitate the restoration of vitality and health, prevention of diseases and permitting the pursuit connected to healthy aging. The fundamental principle connected to Rand’s philosophy is in line with educating patients as well as the treatments approaches wholly based on the medical journals that are scientifically proven. It boosts the confidence of their patients as the basis is always on the most recent scientific evidence which is appropriate towards their condition.

The primary goal of rehabilitation and physical medical entails enhancement and restoration’s capability alongside the life quality connected to the ones it intends to treat. The patients usually suffer from such physical impairments as well as the other disabilities with the potential of affecting the body sections connected to the physical movement. Such include bones, muscles, ligaments, spinal cord, joints, brain, and tendons.

Notably, Johanan Rand treats various conditions, in his centers of medication, which could have serious and enduring effects on the health of the patient. It is through the treatment of such conditions that the center can boost the patients towards attaining a key objective in line with optimum and healthy aging.

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Johanan Rand Displays Expertise in Erectile Dysfunction Treatment