Interesting Ways of Taking Care of Your Camping Gear

Outdoor activities like hiking and camping are becoming quite popular among people who love to explore the unknown routes of rough hilly terrains and other secluded locations.

For a successful outdoor camping journey you have to make sure that all your camping gears including rucksacks are in good shape.

The importance of these camping gears is immense when it comes to endure and withstand the adverse climatic and weather conditions. You can adopt certain maintenance guidelines for following camping gears mentioned below:


Camping boots help you a great deal to cross and move across the rocky and slanting terrains of hills and mountains without any difficulty.

The most ideal way to keep these boots into good shapes involves ten to twenty minutes of thorough cleaning after coming back from your successive outdoor trips.

For in-depth cleaning you need to remove the insoles and laces and then applying small brush with warm water to remove the accumulated dust particles easily.

After this finishing this initial part of cleaning, you again have to apply the brush with warm water added to a boot cleaning solution.

This will effectively keep the leather of the boots in good conditions. Dry them either with the help of fan or using newspaper only and then store them in such portion of your room where there is no fluctuation of temperature.

Sleeping bags

Winner Outfitters Mummy Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack, It’s Portable and Lightweight for 3-4 Season Camping, Hiking, Traveling, Backpacking and Outdoor

It is due to these sleeping bags that you can sleep in warm and comfortably conditions inside the tent without any disturbance.

So when you are back from camping wash them properly either using your hand or with a commercial washer to remove deep seated spot or stain which may have caused due to profuse sweating while sleeping.

Deep cleaning will also keep your sleeping bags free from unpleasant odor so that next time also you can sleep comfortably without any foul smell coming to your nose.

But before cleaning, you must shake the bag vigorously so as to remove the trapped moist and warm air.

While washing use cold water along with the fabric softener. For quick drying you can either lay it straight under the bed or hang it in an upside down manner.

Then finally put it inside the closet before using again for your next camping journey.


Kelty Salida Camping and Backpacking Tent

Tent offers you safe and comfortable accommodation to spend the night with your partner while setting out in a camping expedition.

It is the tent that has to bear maximum brunt among other camping gears while protecting you and your teammates from the wrath of adverse climate and rough weather phenomenon.

For taking absolute care of this essential camping gear, you need to thoroughly inspect it after opening it completely when you get back to your home.

You have to look for areas to ensure that it is from damp, mold and mildew otherwise you will not able to use the tent for next outdoor camping.

Before cleaning the tent, shake it up thoroughly for removing traces of debris and dirt and then use a mild soap and sponge to facilitate deep interior cleaning.

You must refrain from using brushes for that can harm the water resistant nylon coating of the tent.

After the completion of cleaning dry the stuff in air for quick absorption of moisture without affecting the nylon coating.

Afterwards either stores it inside the large stuff sack or in a shaded corner of your room to ensure the longevity and durability of the tent for longer times.

Cooking supplies

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No doubt that you keep your cooking utensils, dishes and plates perfectly in clean conditions in the midst of outdoor journey but it requires much attention when you come back from your outdoor trailing.

Otherwise these would become the breeding grounds for harmful bacterias and viruses to make you suffer from severe health conditions during your next camping trail.

Once reaching home you must fill each and every pan and pot with the hot water together with the soap drops.

Then gently scrub every utensils and cooking plates with rough pot scrubber or sponge for several times till the removal of last bits of food particles, stains and odors.

Then apply clean water for final purification and keep all these cooking items over any rack for complete drying.

Then you can wrap it up inside the plastic bags or tubs with the lids to be used for next outdoor adventures.

There is no point to buy another set of cooking pots and utensils for that will create extra hole on your pocket.


Military Survival Folding Shovel and Pick with Carrying Pouch for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Fishing, Tactical Army Surplus Multitool

It is another important camping accessory that helps you to make path or removing obstacles in the middle of your journey route.

To make sure that gear works for a longer period of time apply warm water in its blade for removing accumulated sand and dirt.

Then use any high quality black paint coat for the scratched portion before drying it on air.

On noticing any axe edge or serrated teeth instantly sharpen it using industrial file. For prevention of rust development you can apply certain grease oil before storing it in a safe place.

Electronic gadgets and lanterns

Streamlight 44931 Siege Compact, Rugged 7.25″ Hand Lantern 540 Lumen Uses 3D Cell Alkaline Batteries

With the help of lanterns and other devices like radios, GPS or flashlights you do not get lost during the peak of your camping trails as they help you to find the exact direction of your base camp quite efficiently.

Every camper and hiker to carry these devices besides other gears so as not to get lost in wilderness of the camping expeditions.

But whether you are in the middle of the journey or back into your home always change the batteries of these devices to prevent damage of other camping gears.

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It is because batteries do have the chance to cause leakage of acids and other harmful chemicals after being stored for a long period of time.

As a result of such leakage, your other accessories including the backpack can also develop tear, crack and rust.

To avoid such damage it is better to keep such old batteries inside a separate plastic bag.

Hydration packs, water bottles and filters

GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier [+ Filter] Bottle

After coming back from your trip, it is important to wash all these useful items with warm water with the addition of baking soda.

Thoroughly clean them including interior and exterior regions using liquid detergent solution till the removal of fluid stains and odors.

But you should refrain from using scrubber for that can scratch the delicate plastic surface.

After the completion of washing allow them to dry completely before storing them inside the plastic bag.

Make sure that you store these items in uncapped conditions for that will reduce the scope of unpleasant odor development.

When it comes to cleaning of water filters just carefully read the instructions mentioned on its label.

This often involves removal of filter component to clean it properly for keeping germs and bacterias away.


TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack; High-Performance Backpack for Backpacking, Hiking, Camping; Hunter Green

Without backpack it will not be possible for you to accommodate essential items like food, water bottle, medicinal kits, knives, axe etc in an organized manner in a single place.

It is because of this backpack that you never miss the joy of trekking.

So you must ensure through cleaning of this stuff with mild soap and sponge.

For cleaning the hip belt, back pad and straps you can use scrubber in the removal dust and dirt particles.

You must keep its zippers clean and make them lubricant with the use of silicone. Dry it in the shaded zone before packing into the shelf.


Proper maintenance is the only way through which you can enhance the longevity of your camping gears.

Otherwise, you have to spend additional money on them before setting out for the camping journey.

You cannot ignore any of these above mentioned camping gears in your journey lists for that will make your journey risky and fraught with danger.

You can utilize your leisure period in cleaning all these stuffs to keep them in perfect conditions for effective functioning.

You can consult with any experienced camper as how to take proper care of these gears without spending much money on proper maintenance.

It is better to buy these items from trusted dealers with decent period of warranty.

Taking care of these gears at an early stage will also help you to concentrate on the other aspects of your journey trail comfortably.

You do not have to rush to set you gears in perfect shapes during the eleventh hour of your journey.

This will utterly disorganize your camping plans and eventually leads to disaster in the middle of the journey.

Accumulation of stain, dirt and rust will not only hamper the normal functioning of your gears but will also become the ideal breeding space for mites, bugs and other harmful insects.

So to avoid such unpleasant possibilities, you must adopt proper maintenance measures to avoid wastage of your hard earned money during the onset of your outdoor journey.

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