How to Select the Best Double Hammock for Camping Activities?

The sense of achievement that you have after you enter deep inside an enchanting tropical rainforest or the thrill experienced when you reach the pinnacle of a lofty mountain after a grueling hike is simply indescribable.

However, soon after relishing the excitement and soaking in the sights and sounds of the surrounding landscape, you start feeling the throbbing ache creeping up from your feet engulfing your entire body.

You’re thoroughly spent at the end of a demanding trek and want to rest your body by putting up your feet right in the midst of the captivating setting.

Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock – Lightweight Nylon Portable

If you to want to rejuvenate and recharge your batteries in the lap of mother nature, then a hammock offers the best alternative. Putting up a tent means you surround yourself with makeshift walls quarantined from the outdoors. A hammock not only allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery all around but the comfort it offers lulls you to sleep.

And if your girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse is accompanying you, then opting for a double hammock is recommended. The spaciousness of hammocks implies that you feel doubly comfortable and relaxed when you suspend the swinging couch from the trunks of sequoia or redwood trees. But how to choose a quality hammock that’d allow two adults to sleep and lounge contentedly during a camping or hiking trip.

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If you’re in the habit of putting up a tent every time you leave for a nature trail, then deciding to switch to a hammock could be a tricky and complicated. The sort of terrains that you usually trek will influence and determine the type you’ll need. Choosing a large swinging couch or double hammock would be appropriate if your partner or a close friend usually accompanies you on your outdoor expeditions.

​Single & Double Camping Hammock With Mosquito/Bug Net

These usually come equipped with more features sheltering you from the rains and protecting you from insects. But on the flip side, sizable options have more components making it a hassle to set these up or dismantle.

At the same time, they end up taking more space in your backpack while the smaller or lighter ones are easy to install and disassemble as well as occupy less room in the rucksack.

Before you get down to picking up a good hammock for your next trek, take into considerations the weather you’ll be experiencing and the surroundings you’ll find yourself.

You may want to set up a rain fly or a bug net if you’re planning to visit a northern coniferous forest or an equatorial rainforest. And when it boils down to selecting a hammock in which two adults will be able to sleep comfortably, then consider the following factors:

​Always go for a double hammock

Though this goes without saying, buying a double hammock is essential, especially if you embark on trips with either your other half. Such a hammock has sufficient space that permits two persons to relax together or sleep side by side.

On the other hand, if you venture out all by yourself, even then a large hammock that is extra wide and has good weight bearing capacity will let you lounge more comfortably as you’ll have the extra space to yourself.

​Opt for one that is durable and heavy duty

Heavier hammock models are designed with the capacity to bear the weight of two full grown adults. Usually, a double hammock is capable of holding two individuals weighing up to 400 pounds together.

Make it a point to check the tare capacity of the product that is generally mentioned on the label. Needless to say, a hammock for two persons will be crafted from durable materials rendering it capable of being used for many years.

​Take the length into consideration

You’ll find double as well as single hammocks that are about 8-9 feet long. The greater the length of the hammock, the easier it is to suspend the ends between two props or supports. Since very few people happen to 6 footers, stretching oneself out on a hammock is not an issue at all.

​The width matters more than the length

As you’ll easily come across a 9 feet long hammock, take care to inspect its width. A hammock capable of taking in 2 adults should be at least 6 feet wide. Extra wide hammocks allow you and your partner to sleep next to each other snugly without having to make adjustments.

​Is the hammock compatible for using with different kinds of straps?

Most brands of double hammocks come with their own straps and karabiners or hooks for setting them up. Go for a hammock that’d be compliable for using with different kinds of straps- a feature that’ll come handy in case the built in straps snap.

Karabiners serve as links for attaching the hammock to an existing suspension system so that the tethering between the two trees is firm.

​Portability matters a lot

A hammock that lets two people to sprawl side by side naturally would be heavy and hence a hassle to lug around. However, a hammock which can be compacted down to a small size and put inside a carry pack would make backpacking a tad less stressful.

​Is it easy to set up and disassemble?

A performance-oriented double hammock should enable you to set it up within 5-7 minutes and usually comes with a ridgeline for maintaining the sag that you’re comfortable with.

Some of the best double hammocks that you can pick and choose from

1. ENO Eagle Nest Outfitters-DoubleNest Hammock from Eagle Nest Outfitters

Hammocks from Eagle Nest Outfitters are used extensively by backpackers, hikers, mountaineers, and trekkers the world over as they are extraordinary comfortable and exceedingly durable.

The ENO Eagle Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock has been stitched out of 70D breathable Nylon taffeta rendering them highly tenacious and breathable. The hardwearing parachute nylon material is capable of bearing individuals weighing up to 400 lbs.

Although it’s a double hammock, it is relatively lightweight weighing just about 17 ounces. Also, it can be compressed down to a size that enables it to be packed inside the accompanying sack and the aluminum Wiregate karabiners together with the nautical ridge line facilitates fast and secure suspension of the hammock onto trees or poles

2. Grand Trunk Double Hammock with Carabiners and Hanging Kit

Stitched out of 100% parachute nylon, the Grand Trunk Hammockwith Carabiners and Hanging kit can make lounging besides a subalpine lake or around a campfire very relaxing.

 This suspension couch is large enough to allow two adults to sleep side by side as well as lets a solo hiker to make the most of the extra space. The hammock is equipped with robust karabiners and a 5mm cord allowing you to suspend the same easily without compromising on firmness.

The parachute nylon material from which the hammock has been fabricated makes the couch hold up weights of up to a maximum of 400lbs. This hammock from Grand Trunk is 20% bigger than other standard hammocks.


  • Stitched out of 100% parachute nylon, this hammock will last for years
  • It is extremely lightweight weighing simply 21.6oz
  • It is also compressible down to a small form
  • Rope and karabiners are included that makes suspending the hammock a breeze
  • Mildew resistant
  • Triple-stitched seams


  • The karabiners are hefty adding to the overall heft of the hammock
  • Hammock does not come with straps attached
  • Doesn’t compress as much as other similar types of hammocks

3. Double Hammock, Ultra-Durable Camping Nylon Parachute Fabric & Wiregate Carabiners

The extra large hammock from Little River Co. packs in quite a punch as it is loaded with a range of versatile features. This hammock can easily fit two tall adults letting them stretch their legs fully and roll sideways as it is 114 inches long and 78 inches wide. Fabricated out of premium industrial grade nylon, this hammock can support a maximum weight of 400lbs.

Triple-interlocked embroidery around the borders and edges adds to the durability of the hammock. The fabric is also soft and silky that is mild on your skin letting you relax without any inhibitions and has its own set of karabiners as well as nautical ridge line for quick and stable setting up of the hammock


  • Hardwearing construction
  • Comfortable to lounge
  • Fast and secure installation
  • Shrinkable to a small size
  • Large enough to fit two adults


  • Packing the hammock in the accompanying sack is a hassle
  • The sack is not durable enough

4. Bear Butt Double Parachute Camping Hammock, Sky Blue / Pink / White

The official website of the Bear Butt claims that the hammock is sufficiently spacious to hold even a grizzly bear. This hammock has been sewn out of heavy duty and highly tensile nylon rendering it capable of enduring loads of up to 500 pounds.

Going by its weight bearing capacity, the hammock is superlight weighing just 1 pound and it shrinks considerably allowing an individual to wrap himself up to get protection from mosquitoes or critters.


Hammocks are perfect for lounging and relaxing when you take a break during a hike or a trek. The four options considered in this review are all products enabling two individuals to relax comfortably. Additionally, the products came with karabiners and suspension system for setting these up comfortably.

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