Hammock Vs. Tent: Which Suits You the Best?

Nowadays it has become quite impossible to imagine any camping trip without a hammock. This suspended cot helps to gain plenty of joy, overwhelming excitement, and customize satisfaction in trekking, hiking, and other outdoor expeditions in all conditions.

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This hanging mattress offers spacious accommodation high above the ground to allow campers to admire the beauty of the natural surroundings in a relaxed manner. However, in the face of growing popularity of the hammocks, tents are still enjoying a satisfactory response among the campers.

A tent provides valuable assistance to the campers to overcome unpleasant and embarrassing situations in the middle of the camping journey. Now it is up to you to decide whether to bring tent or hammock into any upcoming camping tour depending on climate and other factors.

Why should you focus on bringing hammock instead of a tent on a camping journey?

No doubt that both hammock and tent has increased the camping option of the adventure-loving people to a great extent. However, it is the hammock that enjoys maximum popularity over tent because of various reasons. These mainly include the below:

Open-air sleeping experience:

No matter whether it is summer, winter, spring, and fall season, the hammock will always help you to obtain the unbeatable joy and excitement of sleeping or relaxing high above the ground without any scope of tumbling.

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This factor plays a significant role in the inclusion of high-quality hammock in the camping trip that can quickly disperse the body weight while sleeping or relaxing inside the comfy sag. While with the tent, it will not be possible for you to experience this unique fun and excitement of sleeping high over the ground in an airy atmosphere.

You will also not be able to obtain a clear view of the picturesque background of nature once you settle inside a tent which you can easily accomplish with the help of a hammock during the time of rest.

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Provide relief from bringing additional accessories

There is no logic to bring excess camping accessories and items once you include a hammock gear into your outdoor expedition. This hanging mattress itself plays the role of a rucksack where you can quickly put things like a water bottle, food can, knife, and so on without exerting pressure on your back and shoulder.

But for tent camping, you have to bear the burden to carry other extra items like hammer, nails, rope, and others to install the tent correctly to have a full-proof accommodation during the noon and night hours.

If you don’t fix it properly, then it will ultimately spoil your camping fun which you could have easily derived with the help of a hammock. Experienced campers always prefer hammock camping gear over tent camping to avoid rigid body and shoulder pain in the middle of the camping spot.

Cost-effective and comfortable

The cost of purchasing a tent is quite higher in comparison to a hammock. It is because while buying a tent, you also need to spend money on other items or accessories like nails, rope, hammer, and others to install and unwrap it successfully in all conditions. While hammocks are always available with attached straps, carabiners, and others which automatically reduce your overall expenditure to a great extent.

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A tent will offer you a fully covered interior where you have the no chance to experience the flow of fresh and natural air to have a sound and comfortable sleep during the summer, winter, and spring seasons.

While a hammock will help you to experience the flow of cold, fresh, natural air to enjoy a sweet sleep with your partner. It is for this reason that people who suffer from sleep disturbance or insomnia prefer to bring hammock instead of a tent to have a terrible sleep at the night hours.

Less time and energy to setup

Although a tent offers safe and protective accommodation in unknown camping spots it consumes a lot of time and energy of the campers during the installation task in the middle of the jungle and other scenic locations of the planet.

As a result, you will have no scope to admire the beauty and charm of Nature as well as to appreciate the hot and sexy physical attraction of your female partner in the greenish backdrop.

But once you bring a hammock, then it will take very less time and energy to install it successfully with trees or stone boulders. You can then easily involve in spending a lovely time with your partner and have fun in the middle of the camping journey. It will make your trip quite memorable and refreshing forever.

Do not leave any trace of environmental damage

Tent camping always involves digging the ground surface of the forest, hilly terrain to implant nails and a supporting rod to install the tent successfully. But it often leaves behind a dark mark of environmental degradation; you can get rid of this problem with the help of hammock.

This suspended cot comes with straps and carabiners which not at all create any small mark or hole on the tree branch or truck while unwrapping it up at the end of the camping journey.

Growing concern to protect environmental degradation is ultimately playing a significant role to persuade people in using hammock over a tent in every camping journey across the globe.

Many companies are now offering the hammock as a camping gear with an extreme focus on environmental care and protection which is why these suspended ropes have earned good feedbacks from the environmental activists across the globe.

Protection from bugs, mites, and other ground pests

Although tent offers a protective roof cover above your head, it fails to protect the occupants from the trouble of bugs, mites, and other harmful ground pests. As a result, it becomes impossible for you to obtain a peaceful sleep during the night time.

To stay comfortable in any camping gear, it is better to include hammock in every camping trip.

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This suspended ropes always comes with a zip so that you can quickly wrap yourself inside the cushioned camping gear to have a sweet sleep your girlfriend without experiencing trouble from the bugs and mites high above the ground.

As this suspended mattress includes top-class nylon and polyester fabric, so it becomes quite impossible for the pests to penetrate inside to sting you while you are involved in enjoying the physical beauty of your partner to a great extent in the middle of the night.

Avoid the percolation of ground and rain water

Although both hammock and tent help you to avoid the torrential rainfall to a large extent when it comes to seeking escape from the ground water, then the hanging cot certainly enjoys a benefit over a tent.

During heavy rain, you can easily stay inside the tent due to the presence of protective roof cover, but you will find it hard to escape from the trouble of the incoming ground water which ultimately damages your other camping accessories.

It is due to this factor that campers are always ready to bring tent irrespective of the team members to avoid the trouble of the ground water penetration during the time of heavy monsoon seasons.


Once you thoroughly read these factors mentioned above, then you can easily understand the growing importance of hammock over a tent in outdoor camping trips. Although in certain circumstances tents provide valuable assistance to the campers, but hammock always offers fun and enjoyment of camping in every condition very smoothly.

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