Choosing the Appropriate Backpack for a Successful Camping Journey

​People who are fond of camping journey always look for the right type of backpack. During the long camping trail, it is the backpack from where they have to store and accommodate food items, trekking accessories and kits, medicines, water bottle and others.

Selecting the wrong bag can put your camping journey into great difficulty. So it is compulsory to choose the right product on the basis of certain criteria that include the following below:


Depending on the duration of your camping journey and stocks of luggage materials, you need to find the backpack of suitable size.

You need to ensure that the backpack you are buying contains enough space and areas to enable you to store essential camping tools, food pack, water bottle, hammock, nails, knife and other important items in a well-organized manner.

Backpack with shortage of space can compel you to reduce the stock of useful items which can ultimately put your journey into great difficulty in adverse conditions.

There is no point in carrying huge sized camping bag in your shoulder for short camping durations. For such purpose, you can buy medium sized backpack to accommodate few items of your need only.


While selecting the backpack of your camping trail, you need to inspect the fabric quality for purchasing the reliable product in the market.

Your backpack must be able to endure harsh climates without rendering any adverse impact to the luggage items stored inside it.

Your backpack must possess water and heat resistant characteristics and for this reason it is better to buy backpacks made of nylon and polyurethane coated fabric.

Backpack made from these fabrics not only endure heat easily but also absorbs moisture very quickly.

Another advantage of buying backpack of nylon is that it never experiences frequent wear and tear during frequent camping journey which normally happens with the backpack made of leather and silk.

Availability of compartments

No matter which brand you opt for, the backpack must contain decent number of inner compartments for keeping useful items like food, straps, first-aid kits and others in a well-organized way.

This will not only disperse the pressure on your shoulder but will also keep your items and luggage in good conditions. In addition to that, it will also reduce your labor in bringing out the right items in the right time.

Presence of Good quality shoulder straps

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While choosing the backpack model of your preference, make sure that the shoulder straps are made of good quality material and are quite thick.

Before spending the hard earned money, you must first put the backpack into your shoulder to assess the load bearing and weight dispersing capacity of these straps.

Choosing backpack with inferior quality straps can cause pain to your shoulder and spine due to concentration of luggage weight in a single point.

A genuine quality shoulder strap always exerts negligible pressure on the shoulder and significantly reduces lower back pressure to make your camping trail comfortable.

Strong and flexible hip belt

Depending on your luggage quantities and weight, it is better to purchase backpack with attached good quality hip belt.

This belt will prevent the accumulation of luggage weight into the hip portion of your body and thereby helps your hip to be in good condition.

It is because of this belt, that you will be able to withstand the load of your backpack quite comfortably without experiencing strain on your back.

The inclusion of this belt in your backpack ensures uniform distribution of luggage weight and supports tightness adjustment as per your requirements.


It is an important factor that ultimately determines the selection range of the customers for every product including backpack in the market.

You have the option to buy backpack based on traditional or trendy designs based on your personal preference. You can opt for backpacks coming with internal or external frame and also with no frame.

When you are setting out for camping with group then it is ideal to buy backpack based on latest design and colorful looks.

The selection of backpack on the basis of design also involves number of divisions and compartments within it along with other yardsticks.


There is no point to waste your money for a good looking and designer backpack if it is unable to serve your requirements as per your expectations during camping journey.

Instead, spend your money towards the ideal backpack which is not only good in appearance but also in performance as well.

But if the costs of such impressive and highly functional backpack are beyond your budget capacity, then you need to look for similar functional backpack within your budget range.

In such scenario, you have to narrow down your preference either on the exterior appearance or on the genuine functionality.

Selection on the basis of types

Depending on your duration and weather conditions of your journey trail, you have the scope to go for these backpacks mentioned below:

Travel packs: These backpacks are usually deeper and wider than the average backpack and come with the harness cover for concealing the back or top portion. They arrive with more features keeping the requirements of the travelers into consideration.

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​Hike Packs: These come with two compartments offering a good choice of the draw cord or zip division. These bags comprise of storm collar to protect important gears from adverse weather conditions. You will also find three or two compression straps on its either side.

Hybrid Packs: These backpacks are based on the combined features of hike and travel backpacks. These are ideal for travelers who need store vast luggage materials in an organized manner. These packs offer secured lock facility to prevent luggage theft.

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These are some of the basic selection norms that you can use will purchasing the backpacks of your preference and choice. No matter which brand you select, you must not compromise on the aspect of functionality and other requirements.​

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