Sujit Choudhry Talks About Cookies And The Overall Need For Consumer Protection

Sujit Choudhry spoke about how cookie policies will be affected due to the GPDR. He says that cookies can be used differently. Not all cookies deal with user identities but a hefty amount is. That’s why cookies must follow guidelines of the GDPR. Cookies that do identify users by device falls under personal data and is covered by GPDR, read ( In order for enterprises to be complaint they will have to stop gathering cookies or fully follow consent guidelines of the GPDR while collecting and processing the data. The majority of companies depend on consent, whether opt-out or implied, new rules have made it very difficult to get legal consent, useful updates on


Staying Under The Radar

Companies that don’t have much to worry about are the ones who are collecting data for website analysis. Companies who are passing on personal data or tracking data based on individual users will need to get proper consent. For the companies that are using the data to track users there is a question of whether complying with GDPR will mess up the analytics data, see (


Who Asked For Protection Before The GDPR?

Sujit Choudhry says before the GDPR there were an outstanding number of data breaches, mishandling of customer info, and hacks. This group of recurring issues sparked awareness among citizens that showed how unprotected users and customers of global companies are. Sujit Choudhry says the only thing we can do now is try to begin with better security measures and regulations that are enforced all over the industry. He believes that those who were affected by the compromised data may have been the ones to help push the new regulations.


Issues Appeared Long Ago

Over the years there have been email addresses, social security numbers, passwords and even health records that have fallen in the wrong hands. This is not ok for companies that consumers trust and pay money to. The most challenging part of the new regulations is the requirement of companies to report to consumers at any point that their data has been compromised. Only then will consumers get the chance to get ahead of the issue and try to stop their personal data from getting inappropriately used, visit