A Perfect Guide to Utilizing Tarp While Camping in Different Conditions

Tarps are lightweight shelters that act as the best buddy for camping adventures. The original version of these tents was known as the Pyramid tent, but with time they evolved to be known as tarps. If you’ve been out for camping for quite some time then you’d love using tarps as a shelter.

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A pole and a tarp can be called as a traditional way of camping along with modernistic designs. You might need few more things like tie-down cords, tent stakes and your tent erecting skills. A tarp would cost you only one-fourth of the cost when compared with a four person tent.

Some of the advantages of tarp shelters are

Light weight

The tarp shelters are extremely light in weight and make it easier to carry in different conditions. It depends on the materials being used for manufacturing the tarp shelter and this also ensures the durability of the product. Lightweight capacity of the tarp shelter makes them the favorite of backpackers as they are very easy to carry.

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Cost effectiveness

They are really cost effective and provide good amount of shelter without compromising on the comfort of the person using them. An individual can easily fit in and stay protected inside them. They cost as low as one-fourth of any large sized camping tents. If you’re out on camping with just two-three people in your group then this can be the best solution.

Staying close to nature

You’re there for experiencing natural delight, isn’t it? You’ll never be able to experience nature at its best in those big nylon tents. Instead of using them go for tarps, you can stay protected in rainy and windy conditions. At the same time you can easily see rain and cool breeze blowing in those natural conditions. This is one of the best points about these shelters as you are sheltered but you’re not away from nature.

Camp fires

Wherever appropriate you can build a nice camp fire in a cool condition. You can surely build nice camp fires in front of a tent but these nylon tents don’t react well to the camp fire. Instead of that go for tarps as they stay protected and at the same time you can experience the fire staying sheltered.

To experience the camp fires you just need to burn a small hole in your tarps and patch them up with a duct tape. If you properly rig the tarp then it will perfectly reflect the warmth of camp fires and create a nice cozy environment.

Innovative techniques to pitch the tarps

Pitching the tarps is an art and you need to learn them properly to set them up. Setting up these pyramid styled tents is quite easy if you’re understand this art properly. Set up them up in a way that they are able to withstand all kind of weather conditions.


Tarps fully rely on the kind of anchors you build. These are different from free standing tents and you need to build strong center poles to keep your shelter strong. Keep your focus on the edges and the corners so that the tarp is able to face those extreme weather conditions.

Aluminum stakes are known to be the best for setting up tarps as they don’t bend away. In winter conditions you can bury small fabric anchor, T-stake anchor or the snow filled sack. Remember that the anchors are the biggest key for setting up center pole tent.

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Tie Down point

There are many center pole tents that have tie-off loops in the middle of the tarps. Tying them to the ground does not promise you effective strength. If you give them height and tie them to a tree or tie them with a ski to higher range then it gives you better resistance against strong winds. Along with wind resistance it will also give you more room in the interiors of your tarp.

Site location

Choosing the correct location is very important for setting up your tarp. Not having any floor might be a sound idea but there are chances that you get wet if it rains heavily. There should be a proper balance, though you need to go at a better altitude but don’t go too high above the ground. You can move the center pole to adjust accordingly but always remember that flatter it is the better it will be for you to accommodate.

Center poles

Though the center poles need to be kept simple and very basic, it is important to make sure that they are strong enough. Using carbon fibers of aluminum center points is always a good idea. It might cost you more but you need to make sure that you use high quality material that can face all kinds of conditions.

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It should not bend during windy conditions and face all kinds of compression forces. If you’re looking to save more and at the same time you want to set up a strong tarp then you can hang them on a tree and rig them between the boulders.

Some interesting styles and models of the tarps

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The style of tarps depends on the choice of the users. They can be simplistic and at the same time you can give them interesting look. Different companies have their own ways of creating these tarp tents and they provide variety of stocks to the buyers to choose depending on their requirements.

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These models can range between mass market products to the most core tents that are rarely found. Buying them can be quite interesting as you need to understand various aspects of a tarp that meets all your requirements. You can try out the harwear hoopster that is based on the traditional designs along with modern designs.

A trussing support is added in them and this makes them quite heavy for the backpackers. Mega Light is very light to carry and it is known to be a four person tent, but in a group of friends you can adjust four people too without compromising on your comfort.

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