How James River Capital Improves Upon Leadership

Leadership is a big conversation starter these days. This is mainly because so many businesses struggle to lead. Is it just that no one is willing to do the work to lead others, or is it because other businesses are not investing enough in the people they have to inspire them to become leaders? Learn more:


It could be that you lack specific skills that can make you more capable of being a leader. Perhaps you are not equipped to lead a team of people because you feel overwhelmed. Adding skills to your list of good points can make the difference between you improving upon your leadership skills.


Have you ever considered that you can take small steps daily to becoming a leader? There are often simple changes we can make in order to prepare ourselves for leading others. Research has been conducted for decades to determine what makes someone a better leader. There are actually 3 simple changes that you can make if you truly desire to be a leader.


  1. Offer support. Did you know that many teams don’t view their superior as a leader because they fail to support their team? You have to start with support, rather than leading teams of people. Offering them support will guide them to seeing you as a leader. Leaders are the individuals who support others by coming alongside to help them and show them what they need, rather than barking commands at them.


  1. Encourage and ask for feedback. More than 80% of employees withhold feedback from their superiors? Most employees feel that they are pestering their employer by going to them with an issue. Any communications between the employee and the employer should be open and honest. The reason for employers welcoming feedback is simple. If you welcome feedback, you’re likely to encourage your employees to come to you, and therefore getting a resolution. Your approach to operations is everything.


  1. The third way that leadership can gain a solid foundation is through listening to the opinions of those around you. The individuals you work with are with you a majority of your day, every day. Support is the main thing you can give your team, so without it you’ll suffer. Stay focused on solutions by welcoming opinions and be transparent in your communications. Make sure that everyone has a voice in the matter.


Leadership is the number one priority.

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