The Incredible and Ongoing Success of Drew Madden

When it looked like Amazon had done just about all they could in the world of retail, it was time for them to take another aggressive step into the future. When they decided to obtain pharmacy licenses in multiple states, it showed that it was time for them to enter the world of healthcare. It also has been rumored that Amazon is looking to get into the health insurance game by buying Atena. Amazon is ready to take over the retail world after buying large retailers like Whole Foods.

Amazon jumping into the world of healthcare is just one piece of a bigger picture that shows how healthcare is advancing repadily. Over the last 100 years, the average life expectency has nearly doubled. What is this due to? Well, it could be due to the big pharamacutical companies doing massive amounts of research or the great amount of startups and entreprenures committed to solving complex healthcare related problems. Drew Madden is a great example of a healthcare entreprenuer who has been able to help move forward the industry due to his incredible commitment to issues in this field. Madden has built a complex consulting firm that has pushed the industry well into the future with electronic medical records.

From 2010 to 2016, Madden grew Nordic Consulting Partners into a firm that is an industry mainstay. Nordic quickly went from 10 employees to 725 employees due to their fast expansion. At their prime, they had 150 clients. This is an incredible feat considering they started with just 3 clients when Madden joined the team. Madden also helped Nordic reach over $100,000,000 in revenues. When it comes to change, Madden knows how to make it and make it fast.

In an industry that is everchanging, it will be exciting to see what role Madden has to play in the future of healthcare. If it weren’t for entrepreneurs like Madden, healthcare would most likely not be moving forward at such a rapid rate. Thanks to large healthcare companies and start-ups, the population of the world get to enjoy a longer and healthier life.

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