NPG VAN: Creating the Democratic Advantage

NPG VAN is a Washington DC based voter database and web-hosting company that has been used by the Democratic Party to create advantages in technology driven campaigns. In recent years, the Democrats have more effectively created campaigns that have become increasingly more technology based, morphing from grass-roots operations to fireside chats, moving into television debates steadily forward using the internet and smartphones to reach prospective voters as well as collect more significant data. NPG VAN connects campaigns to this data, allowing the candidates to identify their prospective voter base on a larger scale.

The 2008 and 2012 presidential elections proved by electing and reelecting Democratic candidate, Barack Obama, that the Democrats had created an advantage with a technologically-driven campaign. Behind the scenes, these campaigns can use web-driven database to target potential voters and identify those that can be reached in a meaningful way. NGP VAN uses a number of tools which are applicable to Democrats pursuing a tech-savvy campaign. NGP VAN’s products can be grouped into numerous diverse categories to meet several different requirements. NPG VAN can create a visualization of data that will allow campaigns to quickly analyze and implement new or different approaches to their campaigns. NGP VAN’s Distributed Canvassing tool on MiniVAN is a digital advancement that can help organizers save time and make it more efficient for volunteers to organize door-to-door campaigning. Fundraising is also simplified. Donors can donate on computerized platforms that easily keep track of all data.


Technology is and always has been changing and with it, the campaigns of politicians have been forced to adapt to new forms of voter outreach. From radio to television; computers to smartphones, the most successful candidate will be able to utilize new technology to not only reach more people, but more effectively use data-driven analytics to finds their base. Campaigns in the future must identify and utilize innovative tools in a way that can distinctively establish a connection with prospective voters. NPG VAN helps Democratic candidates efficiently organized and implement campaigning strategies. These technological advances will continue to change the way political parties run campaigns.

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