Commentary on Shervin Pishevar’s Twitter Storm Last February

There is no questioning the fact that Shervin Pishevar is a man of remarkable knowledge and many diverse interests. This versatility was on display during a recent 21-hour tweetstorm last February, where he talked about topics as diverse as where he sees the US economy going to the current state of America’s infrastructure.


Shervin Pishevar paints a very bleak picture of the current state of our country. One of the things he touched upon was the infrastructure of this nation, which he compared to that of China. He noted how our country is full of crumbling roads and faulting bridges, and then mentioned how China actually was able to build a railroad station in less than 9 hours flat.


To what does Shervin Pishevar credit our crumbling infrastructure to? One of the things that he noted when he brought this up was that our government is stuck in a rut, where we are only thinking in the short-term. Because of that, we continue to fall behind other countries. During his Twitter diatribe, the noted Uber investor also cited other examples of how our infrastructure is not working as well any longer.


Another red flag that Shervin Pishevar noted in regards to our crumbling infrastructure would be that of Silicon Valley in California. He said that the innovation that normally comes from that part of the country is continuing to dry up, and in his opinion it will soon go bust. He said entrepreneurs everywhere are coming up with ideas completely on their own without the help of a Silicon Valley company. He does cite one individual that is going against the grain, however.


Shervin Pishevar did see Elon Musk as one individual who is one of the lone bright spots of American innovation and infrastructure. During his Twitter Rampage, he noted how Musk has changed the landscape for the future of space exploration. Although many might think his Twitter speeches were all odd, there is no question America could benefit with more innovation that a complex individual such as Shervin Pishevar would offer.

Ricardo Tosto Legal Work in Brazil

Ricardo Tosto is one of the most prominent lawyers in Brazil. During his career, he has helped numerous people with legal issues. With the rapid growth of Brazil over the past few years, he is having trouble keeping up with all the demand for his services.

Ricardo Tosto started working in the legal industry while he was in college. He needed money to pay his bills, and he was also interested in becoming a lawyer. Although he had to complete menial work, he enjoyed working for a legal firm and decided to focus his efforts on becoming a lawyer.

Early Career

After graduating from law school, Ricardo Tosto started working at a large legal firm. At the firm, he held various roles and gained  experience in multiple areas of the legal profession. He is the type of person who is continuously trying to learn new aspects being a lawyer. Although he enjoyed working at the company, he was not content with his career. He decided to start a legal firm.

Business Struggles

Starting any business is difficult. The most successful business owners are people who have a passion for their work. In the first few months of starting a company, Ricardo Tosto had to work hard to survive. He developed a marketing program designed to attract new clients.

After several years of building a business, Ricardo Tosto is proud of what he has accomplished. He could retire and sell his business, but he wants to keep helping customers with their legal questions. Many of his customers want advice on starting a company.


NPG VAN: Creating the Democratic Advantage

NPG VAN is a Washington DC based voter database and web-hosting company that has been used by the Democratic Party to create advantages in technology driven campaigns. In recent years, the Democrats have more effectively created campaigns that have become increasingly more technology based, morphing from grass-roots operations to fireside chats, moving into television debates steadily forward using the internet and smartphones to reach prospective voters as well as collect more significant data. NPG VAN connects campaigns to this data, allowing the candidates to identify their prospective voter base on a larger scale.

The 2008 and 2012 presidential elections proved by electing and reelecting Democratic candidate, Barack Obama, that the Democrats had created an advantage with a technologically-driven campaign. Behind the scenes, these campaigns can use web-driven database to target potential voters and identify those that can be reached in a meaningful way. NGP VAN uses a number of tools which are applicable to Democrats pursuing a tech-savvy campaign. NGP VAN’s products can be grouped into numerous diverse categories to meet several different requirements. NPG VAN can create a visualization of data that will allow campaigns to quickly analyze and implement new or different approaches to their campaigns. NGP VAN’s Distributed Canvassing tool on MiniVAN is a digital advancement that can help organizers save time and make it more efficient for volunteers to organize door-to-door campaigning. Fundraising is also simplified. Donors can donate on computerized platforms that easily keep track of all data.


Technology is and always has been changing and with it, the campaigns of politicians have been forced to adapt to new forms of voter outreach. From radio to television; computers to smartphones, the most successful candidate will be able to utilize new technology to not only reach more people, but more effectively use data-driven analytics to finds their base. Campaigns in the future must identify and utilize innovative tools in a way that can distinctively establish a connection with prospective voters. NPG VAN helps Democratic candidates efficiently organized and implement campaigning strategies. These technological advances will continue to change the way political parties run campaigns.

PSI Pay Leads Digital Wallet Innovation in Europe

The advent of digital wallets was obviously a great innovation that a lot of people loved to see and use. Indeed, since the first time digital wallets were tried for online transactions, the niche has been gaining momentum over the years. The technologies surrounding digital wallets are continuously changing in an effort to satisfy customer needs. There has been a challenge though in the way the digital wallets are allowed to operate. The digital wallets platform is highly segmented. Different countries use and or accept only certain digital wallet types. Consequently, there are clients who would love to use a certain survive they know about but cannot quite do so because of the regional and national limitations and restrictions. Therefore, PSI Pay has decided to close the gap in digital wallet transaction limitations

Why Digital Wallets in the First Place?

For the sake of people who have not yet understood the function of digital wallets, it is important to point out that the digital wallets are convenience wallets. They carry small balance amounts just like one would carry in the traditional wallets. Yet, carrying money is not the only function that digital wallets carry. They are actually better than wallets. They have the one-stop-shop effect in which they offer a range of services that one would have, ordinarily, needed several debit and credit cards to execute. They also offer the benefits that come with loyalty cards. In addition to the convenience, digital wallets are by far more secure than the traditional billfolds. One has to break through several layers of digital security to access your money. Further, digital wallets provide the convenience of portability. One does not have to carry around many cards and bills to operate. Digital wallets mean digital money which empowers users to transact online in real time. One mobile device is sufficient to carry out the various operations that digital wallets require.

The Digital Wallet in Europe

In Europe, most users of digital wallets carry cash balances in them. The digital wallets in Europe can handle a range of currencies, such as Euros, dollars, and pounds. The users, often, link the cards to various cards and can use them to make withdrawals from Automatic Teller Machines. Therefore digital wallets in Europe provide services that are close to what banks can offer. PSI Pay is one of the revolutionary digital wallet companies that are leading in innovation in the niche. PSI Pay is regulated by the UK FCA. The Fintech company is one of the reasons customers have become less anxious about using digital banking services.

Talk Fusion is walking the Talk: Their Recent Video App features will Surprise You

Talk Fusion has always promised its clients that it will remain up-to-date and trendy in its services. True to their words, they recently introduced an amazing service which has taken the company’s consumers by surprise. The Talk Fusion video App has enhanced the experience of individuals and businesses across the world, creating a remarkable record in the technology industry.


Unique features

Since its arrival in the market in 2007, the Talk Fusion app has enabled several businesses to stay competitive in the market. The app is accompanied by unique features and functions which add convenience to the users. It is available for all users with Google Play and iTunes stores. Those having iPads, iPod Touches, and iPhones can easily download the app using iOS 7 system. And Android users have not been left behind; they can also easily download the app as long as they have the 4.4.3 system.


The way the Talk Fusion app is designed is so amazing. Users have the option of sending their video messages directly with Android or Apple devices. This makes it possible for clients to oversee how their video marketing campaigns are faring on, an experience that had never been seen before.


Operating the app

With simple instructions to follow, clients are always able to operate Talk Fusion app with utmost ease. All they need to do is to record video live then upload it. Alternatively, they can attach an existing video which they upload on the app and forward to their recipients. There are several template options that have been introduced to the app; this allows the clients to choose the type of display they like. Another existing feature in the app is the calling platform. Users are not only able to send videos, but can also call their business networks or families via the app. The most amazing thing is that the calls can be made using different devices through a shared link. The end result of this flexibility is the fact that clients can create a secure private meeting room which they can revisit several times. Learn more:


About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion company offers several network services including video conferencing, social networking services and products, and broadcasting. The company’s CEO, Bob Reina, had stated that the mission of the company is to offer Video Marketing services through the Network Marketing model that enhances the experience of the clients. This is why Talk Fusion ensures its services are valuable and unique in the market.

Rocketship uses new grading system to help students catch up in school

Students coming from poor background mostly start their education late. Due to circumstances at home and poor education quality in public schools, they rarely catch up. As a result, the possibility of these students falling out of school is very high. This is one of the reasons why children from poor backgrounds hardly make it to college.

Rocketship, a non-profit organization working with public schools to provide quality education for the poor, focuses on individual student growth. Rocketship realised that the only way of preventing children from dropping out of school is by helping them catch up with their age mates in education. They do this by tracking the student’s education growth rate. This helps them determine whether the student will catch up and the time it will take. This information helps the teacher focus on the student’s needs to help him or her catch up.

Rocketship uses both the conventional grading system and the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP). The conventional system helps the gauge whether the student has achieved the desired education level to allow him or her to proceed to the next level. The MAP system helps the teacher see how fast the student is growing. Once this is established, the teacher customizes his or her teaching techniques to suit the student in question. The teacher will need to monitor the child frequently to ensure that he or she is making progress.

A child’s progress in education is not only dependent on the teacher and the student’s efforts at school. It is dependent on the student’s environment at home. For this reason, Rocketship Education advises parents to ask for their child’s MAP evaluation results often. This will enable them to work together with the teacher to ensure the student has conducive environment a home.

Rocketship’s main goal is to level the playing field so that students from poor background can have the same opportunities as students from well off families. By coming up with a way to help students catch up in their education, they have been successful in reducing the percentage of students who drop out of school.