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Design is one way through which the health of human beings can be taken care of. According to Robert Ivy, the Executive Vice president and CEO of American Institute of Architects, it is time design was incorporated into healthy living. As human beings, we spend quite a considerable amount of time inside buildings either resting or working. So, this is one area where we cannot do without as a people. We must think how these buildings affect our lives because definitely, they are affecting us, it is only that we may not know about it. If we incorporate healthy living in design work, there is a high probability that we will have safer living or working environment.
As CEO, Robert Ivy is advising professionals in the design industry to pay more concentration on how they can use their knowledge to solve the problems that people are going through. Most of the challenges we go through as human beings are from lifestyle settings that sometimes we have an idea and sometimes we have no ideas about. Robert Ivy as an architect is concerned that design work has a lot it can contribute to healthy living, but many professionals have not realized that. There are a few ongoing projects in that are trying to use design as a way of reducing health problems in human life.

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According to Robert Ivy, it is the time that professional in the design industry stopped competing for the limited opportunities in general construction and focused more on design work in other industries. To him, the health industry is just one of the fields that need to the input of professional designers. Designers can assist in the building of medical facilities in a way that patient will not have trouble moving around, or they will not feel lonely when on the facilities.
Already there is a project in Seattle which is addressing this issue. The Seattle Children Hospital expansion project has been done in such a way that the environment in the hospital is inspiring to the little children. The design has included educative material which will make children think deeply about the things they are seeing. The design has also incorporated a sense of humor which children can relate to.
There is also another ongoing project that is looking into the relationship between lighting and Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers have noticed that sleep disruption for people suffering from this condition has something to do with lighting. Researchers are hoping that they could come up with a lighting design recommendation that will help victims of this condition to live a better life.
About Robert Ivy
Robert Ivy is the CEO of AIA. He has also held other positions such as being the senior editor of Architectural Records. In this organization, he left after making 33 publications both in digital and print media. He has been labeled “Master Architect” by the Alpha Rho Chi magazine for his contributions to the industry. He won many awards including Crain Awards.

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