Impact of George Soros in many people’s lives

George Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management. He was born in Hungary and Joined London School of Economics. Soros worked for railways department as a waiter and porter before joining merchant bank as finance. In 1969, George moved to Wall Street in New York City and started his hedge fund. The hedge fund establishment was worth $12 million that time. He later rebranded his establishment into a Quantum Fund.

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In 1992, Soros got help from Druckenmiller and made a significant profit in his business. The whole of England people knew Soros out of his effort in the banking sector. For more than ten years later, Soros remained successful through Soros Fund Management.

George is amongst most powerful politicians in this universe. He began in 1980 by supporting the political landscapes in various countries worldwide. George Soros played a great role in toppling top regimes of most government in many countries. So far, George has affected the politics and culture of United States of America. He even spent more than $10 billion in support of governments of United States of America. Know more on about George Soros.

For many years now, George has involved himself in social concerns by use of his money. He believes in investing and meeting the desires of politicians. So far, Soros has left a great impact on many people’s lives and more so politicians. Some politicians say that George is an anointed man of God and he is meant to solve many problems of individuals and countries. This fruitful and rich politician believes in giving out his money to support other people.

George Soros does not only engage himself in politics but also in Philanthropy. He launched the proverbial waters of philanthropy in 1979. He also opened many Society Foundations. Karl Popper advanced these foundations. Eight years later, George opened an office in Moscow. George donated a lot of money to groups based in the United States of America. Read more about George at The New York Times.

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